Color Code Interpersonal Skills

Eileen Joyce, Hudson Institute Certified Coach Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®

Color Code Interpersonal Skills


If you want to have more fulfilling relationships within your family and workplace, understanding why you do what you do is the foundation for clear communications, greater productivity, and more satisfying team work. I use and teach Dr. Taylor Hartman’s Color Code interpersonal skills, which I consider to be the most effective and easy-to-use personal development system.

The Color Code uses a personality assessment designed to work from the inside-out, providing critical insight to determine why you do what you do. Other personality assessments, based on current psychological theories, measure and analyze behavior to determine individual personality. They carefully study what people do. However, behavior changes both over time and from situation to situation. For example, we are each taught how to behave in school, at home, and in the workplace. Consequently, analyzing and modifying behavior alone is a moving target with only limited value.

In contrast, the Color Code introduces the revolutionary concept of motive. Motive provides a far more accurate appraisal of an individual, going one crucial step deeper than simply observing a person’s conduct. Driving core motive is innate and hence does not change based on circumstances. A person learns to behave in many ways, but understanding what motivates or drives that behavior provides a far more accurate basis for analysis.

Originated over 30 years ago, the Color Code has improved the lives of literally millions. The simple but profound concepts are easy to remember with the uncomplicated color designations. The four motive types are as follows:

Reds are the power wielders! Power is defined as the ability to move from point A to point B. Reds are about results and productivity. They bring great gifts of vision and leadership. Reds are generally characterized as responsible, decisive, proactive, and assertive.

Blues love to give of themselves to others. Intimacy, connecting, creating quality relationships and having purpose is what drives these people. Their natural gifts include quality and service. Blues can be counted on to be loyal, sincere, and thoughtful.

Whites are peacekeepers! Peace, or the absence of conflict, is what motivates a White. Clarity and tolerance are White gifts. Whites are also known for their qualities of kindness, adaptability, and patience.

Yellows love to have fun. The joy of living in the moment and doing something just for the sake of doing it is the driving force for these people. Yellows offer the gifts of enthusiasm and optimism. They are generally charismatic, spontaneous, and sociable.

Once you have learned the Color Code you will never see yourself or others the same again. The Color Code is your best hope for understanding how to make sense out of life’s many relationship puzzles. Only the Color Code can accurately explain why you are who you are and why some of your relationships succeed while others don’t.

As you begin to understand this exciting program and the powerful concepts behind it, you will notice a drastic increase in the level of your life effectiveness and passion!

If you’re interested in the Color Code workshop, please contact me for the dates and price of the next two-part online presentation. Participants receive their comprehensive assessment and report, an informational CD, Color Code Cards, and workbook.

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Eileen Joyce is certified as a Master Trainer of The Color Code, the most revolutionary and accurate measurement of your personality available on the market today. Once you have learned the Color Code, you will never see yourself and others the same again!