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About Eileen


Eileen Joyce Santa Fe Grieef CoachFor the past twenty-five years I have been coaching people who are dealing with life or work issues, including grief and loss, relationship challenges, career changes, caregiving, and chronic illness.

My experience and training is in relationships and communications; business development and marketing; grief, loss, and recovery; and palliative care and caregiving.

The first half of my work history was in advertising—in New York, Toronto, and Los Angeles—learning and practicing the art and science of effective communications. In starting, building, and selling my own marketing company, I mastered the art of managing people while creating a successful team that did its job with great care, attention, and pride. We were known as highly experienced and knowledgeable experts in our field.

My life took a turn after a number of devastating losses. When I realized I was suffering from suppressed pain and anguish, I started the process of grief recovery. I discovered that my passion and aliveness were hidden in all the conflicted emotions I was working so hard to suppress. As I healed my broken heart I found a renewed energy and desire to help others through tough times.

Our capacity for happiness, creativity, and productivity are directly related to how effectively we deal with heartbreaks. To live fully engaged in our daily life, we must be willing to heal our deepest pains.

I facilitate The Grief Recovery Program because I find it the most powerful method in healing unresolved grief, completing the incomplete emotional conversations that go on inside your head about a devastating loss. Interrupting these internal, circular conversations creates a way out.

My passion for making a difference grows exponentially as I witness the results in the lives of the people I coach. Along with one-on-one coaching, I facilitate groups of people going through challenging circumstances.

Combining knowledge and experience
With the soft, yet mighty voice of the heart,
Daring to go into the deepest emotions…
Passion speaks, energy flows, and new possibilities abound.
Achieving the seemingly impossible can become an everyday reality!

Graduate of:

Coaching Certification Program, The Hudson Institute
The Grief Recovery Method® Certification, The Grief Recovery Institute®
Core Essentials Program, Coach U, Inc.
Foundation Program, Roth Methods
Grief Co-Leader Training, Our House, Grief Support Services
Color Code Training Program, Hartman International