The first coach I ever knew was a gym coach. She was caring and supportive, and tough! She didn’t buy into any of the excuses we would offer and certainly didn’t get swayed by our whining.

As a result of her winning combination of communication skills, expertise in the game, and compassion in training and molding us, we went beyond what was comfortable on a regular basis. With her as our coach, we discovered the satisfaction of excelling as a team, even though on our own we were mediocre players.

Another experience of being more accomplished than I thought possible was with my piano performances. My teacher coached me through the challenges of difficult classical music, stage fright, and the ongoing struggle of routine practice. Even with small hands and average skills, I performed with passion and expertise, and felt the accomplishment of giving my audience the joy of hearing some of the most complex music.

As a professional coach, I teach communication, planning and implementation skills. I’m the silent partner in producing seemingly impossible results. The purpose of a coach is to bring out the brilliance of their clients, working with them to open up new opportunities, and supporting them in taking the small steps, as well as making quantum leaps.

A coach is a teacher, a powerful listener and questioner, and an expert in moving things forward. A coach is the committed partner in enabling you to accomplish more than what is ordinary and predictable.

We can create our life to be abundant, fulfilling, and joyful. For most of us, having a coach in our corner is the surest, most effective way!